Our state of the art digital printing process allows us to economically produce multi colour (CMYK) printed ceramic and glass decals with a minimum order quantity of just 1 SRA3 sheet

We now have 3 printers:

1) "Magenta Set" Machine which produces ceramic decals for firing at 820-850 degrees C

2) "Red Set" Machine which produces ceramic decals for firing at 880-1050 degrees C

3) "Glass" Machine which produces glass decals for firing at 580 degrees C


FLUX or no FLUX, that is the question!

Covercoat is chosen based on the body the decal will be applied to as well as the required final result.

Flux is basically ground glass which is printed over the ink and under the covercoat. This will produce a nice gloss after firing, but if the decal can not be trimmed near the image, it will leave behind a clear layer of flux after firing which has a visible edge and not always desirable.

Fluxed covercoat would never be used if the body is not to be glazed.


Food safety is not just a product of the decal applied to the ceramic piece, it is also the glaze and how the decal is fired and what the piece is fired with in the kiln. Contamination can occur.

We test our decal materials whenever changes are made to ensure food safety, but as more than just the decal is involved, we suggest for peace of mind and due diligence, that our customers also undertake food safety testing to ensure the final piece is safe.

In Melbourne, we recommend Spectrometer Services to carry out heavy metal release testing.


A$38.00/SRA3 sheet (note the printable area)
A$20.00 min set up - this can vary depending on the files uploaded and is only applicable to the first print of a sheet. We keep artwork on file for printing on request. Reprints do not attract set up charges.
Prices exclude 10% GST(applicable to Australian customers only) and delivery of A$15.50 via express post in Australia or from A$30.00 for Registered Airmail.